Working with Men Conference – Update

Working with Men Conference
22nd and 23rd August 2016
Hotel Armitage, 9 Willow Street, Tauranga.

Keynote Speakers Programme:

Nigel Latta ONZM: Psychologist, TV Presenter and Author. Nigel is also the host of the television documentaries; “Beyond the Darklands”, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Teenagers”, and “The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show”.

Ken Clearwater: Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust Speakers. Ken is the manager of Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust in Christchurch, and he is a national spokesperson for male survivors in New Zealand. Ken is leading the world with his work, raising the profile and awareness of violence towards men. He also teaches and advises at the Police college and has been asked to be a key note speaker for conferences around the world.

Pam Bassett: Why do kids need dads, what the studies show.

Robert Jenkinson: Survival Skills for Dads in Step Parenting.

Craig Tuck: Access to Justice issues, the court processes generally and how best to engage with lawyers and the court system .

Piki Russell and Rangi Ahipene: Te Tuinga Whanau are using programme to engage taane & their whanau who have become involved in the judicial system.

Annamarie Angus and Tracey Lee: Moana Tauranga Night Shelter: Being homeless is not just a housing issue. Who uses the Shelter, what is working for these men, Case studies.

Alison Burke Auckland University: Alison is passionate about human rights, and about enabling the voices of men who have experienced IPV to be heard.

Cost $126.50 inc GST Morning/afternoon tea and lunch provided Conference Dinner $35.00 pp

For a synopsis of presenters presentations and to register for this conference please contact the manager

Bitz & Bobz Op Shop – Volunteers needed

Bitz & Bobz Op Shop

82 Second Avenue
Phone: 07 579 9039

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday – 9am to 4pm
Saturday- 9am to 1pm

Volunteers Wanted
If you would like to be a volunteer please contact us, it would be great to have you on board.

Donations of Good quality items greatly appreciated.

Come on in and see our wonderful items for sale.

Kidz need Dadz Free family fun day update

P1000162Kidz need Dadz free first family fun day was a huge success. One hundred and thirty four families and three hundred and fifty children attended this event and lots of fun was had by all.

We would like to thank our sponsors, the community organisations that helped run the events and the companies that donated the prizes.  Thanks for making the day so successful.

Our SponsorsP1000149

  • Tauranga City Council Match Fund
  • Dave and Anna Rapson

Community organisations that helped run the events

  • Tauranga Moana Abuse Prevention Strategy
  • PORSE in Home Child Care Tauranga
  • YMCA TaurangaP1000141
  • Tauranga City Council Travel Safe
  • Tauranga City Council Community Development Team
  • Greerton Lions Club
  • Problem Gambling Foundation
  • Aquinas College
  • Tauranga Girls College
  • Merivale Community CentreP1000143

Companies that donated prizes

  • Bed Bath and beyond Fraser Cove
  • Farmlands Co-operative
  • North Beach Fraser Cove
  • Bongards Pharmacy Greerton
  • Unichem P1000136Greerton Pharmacy
  • Bay Hobby Supplies
  • Gourmets Traders-Culinary Council – -Gate Pa
  • Point of Difference –Greerton
  • Countdown Greerton
  • Triac AV Lighting & Sound
  • Blue Rovers Junior Football P1000132Club
  • Repco Fraser Cove
  • MacDonald’s Tauranga
  • Bay of Plenty Rugby Union
  • Tauranga City Council Travel Safe
  • Hirepool

A big thankyou to you all!

Take a look at more photos in the Gallery tab.


The Role of Fathers with Daughters and Sons

How dads boost kids intellectually, developmentally, and socially.

By Kristen Finello

Why Dads Matter

Fathers play an important role in a child’s development from birth through adulthood. In fact, numerous studies have reached the same conclusion: Children with involved fathers have an advantage — socially and academically — over children with distant or no relationships with their dads. “We found that fathers who are involved with their children have children with fewer problems,” says Maureen Black, PhD, a researcher and professor of pediatrics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. “That added involvement from a father helps children tremendously.” Specifically, her research found better language skills and fewer behavioral problems in children with an actively involved father. Interestingly, this result holds true even if the father doesn’t live in the same home as the child — for example, in divorce situations. It appears that how involved the dad is — not where he lives in relation to the child — is the crucial factor.

According to a study at the University of Illinois, children with fathers who take the time to ask about what they learned in school and their day-to-day social activities and relationships do better in school than kids who don’t have that kind of input or interest. And it’s important to note that this father figure doesn’t have to be a biological father in order for children to benefit. It can be an adoptive father, stepdad, or an adult male in the household.

Researchers at the University of Oxford in England reached the same conclusion about the link between paternal involvement and academic success in their study of 17,000 British school children. Says psychologist Eirine Flouri, one of the study’s authors, “An involved father figure reads to his child, takes outings with his child, is interested in his child’s education, and takes a role equal to the mother’s in managing his child.” Children with this type of dad were more likely to get good grades in school, she found.

Dad’s Impact on His Sons

Besides those benefits, there are some positives specific to a good father-son relationship. For example, the researchers at the University of Oxford also report that boys who have involved fathers are less likely to get in trouble with the police as they get older. Other pluses, according to experts: A good dad can be a positive role model for boys and help them to adopt a healthy gender identity as well as a better awareness of their feelings and emotions.

However, someone other than the boy’s birth father can provide a beneficial male influence. Single mothers can find alternative role models for their boys in an uncle, grandfather, or good friend. If no relatives or close acquaintances are available, then mentoring programs such as Big Brothers can provide a willing volunteer.

Dad’s Impact on His Daughters

Girls, too, reap some special benefits from having a close father-daughter bond. According to research from Vanderbilt University, girls who had close, positive relationships with their fathers during the first five years of life tended to reach puberty later than girls who had more distant relationships with their fathers. In addition, the University of Oxford researchers noted that girls who had more involved fathers were less likely to face mental health problems later in life. Genuine praise and admiration from a father can help his daughter grow up to be an independent, confident woman.




Did you know?

Did you know that KidzKare Services is the approved, certified and trained professional Supervised Contact service for the Tauranga area?

The professional body governing Supervised Contact in New Zealand is: ANZASCS.

ANZASCS approved Kidzkare Services in July 2013.

Our Level Three provider status with New Zealand Government departments was issued in June 2014.

What does all this mean?

When you use our services you can be assured that the service is professional and provided by trained individuals.

Another benefit is the premises we use, we are able to provide a homely atmosphere with activities available for use, including a fully kitted out kitchen, or if you prefer our co-ordinator can arrange the contact to occur at a public park/playground.

Please call our office anytime or email

Family Justice Update

On April 1st 2014, our Justice System changed the way they handle Family cases. The goal of this change is to try and get parents reaching agreements without resorting to going to court.

If this change is successful there is a potential to reduce Family court cases by two thirds!

There are now three ‘process’ streams.

  • Simple
  • Standard Track, and
  • Urgent Track

The Urgent Track

The Urgent track is basically the without notice process, it usually leads to Interim Orders.

Eligibility to apply for track is on the basis of urgency and/or safety. For example if a party was to apply on notice it could lead to:

  • Serious injury
  • Undue hardship
  • Risk to personal safety or childrens personal safety
  • Your child being taken out of New Zealand without your permission.

This process allows the party to bypass participation in the Parenting Through Separation and Family Dispute Resolution Mediation.

Most orders made on this track are ‘interim’ to give the other party an opportunity to respond (usually 21 days).

Lawyers may be used for this track.

New Court Forms

MOJ0534             General Consent Memorandum

MOJ0522             Request to Registrar to vary Consent Memorandum

MOJ0523             Application for Parenting Order (on Notice)                                                        $220.00

MOJ0524             Affidavit in support of Application for Parenting Order (on Notice)

MOJ0535             Application for Parenting Order (without Notice)                                               $220.00

MOJ0536             Affidavit in support of Application for Parenting Order (without Notice)

MOJ0525             Application to vary or discharge a Parenting Order (on Notice)                       $220.00

MOJ0526             Affidavit in support of Application to vary or discharge Parenting Order (on Notice)

MOJ0537             Application to vary or discharge a Parenting Order (without Notice)              $220.00

MOJ0538             Affidavit in support of Application to vary or discharge Parenting Order (without Notice)

MOJ0527             Application to enforce a Parenting or Guardianship Order (on Notice)

MOJ0528             Affidavit in support of Application to enforce a Parenting /Guardianship order (on Notice)

MOJ0539             Application to enforce a Parenting or Guardianship Order (without Notice)

MOJ0540             Affidavit in support of Application to enforce Parenting/Guardianship order (without Notice

MOJ0596             Application to prevent removal of child(ren) from NZ (on Notice)

MOJ0597             Affidavit in support of Application to prevent removal of child(ren) from NZ (on Notice)

MOJ0634             Request for Border Alert

MOJ0582             Application to prevent removal of child(ren) from NZ (without Notice)

MOJ0595             Affidavit in support of Application to prevent removal of child(ren) from NZ (without Notice

MOJ0543             Request for Border Alert

MOJ0531             Application to settle dispute between guardians (On Notice)

MOJ0530             Affidavit to support Application to settle dispute between guardians (On Notice

MOJ0541             Application to settle dispute between guardians (without Notice)

MOJ0542             Affidavit to support Application to settle dispute between guardians (without Notice)


MOJ0529             Application to declare or appoint guardian (On Notice)

MOJ0530             Affidavit in support of Application to declare or appoint guardian ( on Notice)

MOJ0520             Application to declare or appoint guardian (without Notice)

MOJ0521             Affidavit in support of Application to declare or appoint guardian (without Notice)

MOJ0533             Notice of Response

MOJ0581             Information Sheet

MOJ0611             Submissions on Cost Contributions

MOJ0615             The Directions Conference Memorandum


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